The Rules
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The Power Shift card says "Each player loses card chosen at random." It should say "Each player loses one card chosen at random."
Q: What is Plutocracy?
A: Plutocracy is a card game for 2-6 players, combining business and politics. You will be an entrepreneur starting companies and building them up, while using your political connections to gain special favor.
Q: How long does it take to play?
A: You can decide how long a game of Plutocracy should last. You place an "End Game" card in the deck so that it either comes up within an hour, or you can play the full deck for a whole afternoon of fun.
Q: Can children play?
A: The minimum recommended age is 13. There are no adult themes or language in the game, but the concepts around business and politics will not be accessible for smaller children.
Cheat Sheet
Download a cheat sheet (440 kb) and print out a copy for each player. The cheat sheet contains a quick reference, such as the cost and benefits of playing the "PR Campaign" card and the Free Actions available each round.
A game set up for 3 players and ready to start.
Plutocracy 3-player setup
Some examples of stock valuations in Plutocracy. In this example, Pills Etc is worth $0, because it is not public.
Plutocracy stock valuations
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